(WIP) Addie and Louis

This is my hobby: I do art. It was something I considered making my career, but, well, I’m better at getting stuff out in words than images, as it happens.

I should be finishing this soon. I’ve been fucking with it long enough. I feel I was possibly a bit over-ambitious for my first piece with a new tablet and a new program and a new year, but, well.

The characters are Adelaide and Louis Francios, siblings with a fair amount of years between them and the kind of shared trauma only faeries are capable of inducing. I could have introduced Louis being the stone-cold badass he has a name for being, but I thought: or, he could be crying, and that would frankly be a better insight into the story/characters than any cool badass pose.


I’ve got some flat colors laid, but it looks pretty bad at the moment, so in the interest of making myself look cooler, they were omitted.

3 thoughts on “(WIP) Addie and Louis

    1. Intuos Pro, five I think, whatever the new one is. I’d had an Intuos 4 since… Jesus, I don’t even remember exactly, since I was fourteenish. I’d still be using it, except Windows 10 didn’t accept the driver, and Wacom no longer provides the drivers for that model. That was a lot of money I didn’t wanna spend, I tell you what. Sometimes you rule your hobbies… sometimes they rule you. Though I am hoping to start commissions soon, maybe that’ll help pay it back.

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      1. Similar thing happened to me, I opted to go for a newer Bamboo after my old one copped out. Damn automatic Windows 10 update. I don’t use it as much as I should, and definitely not in the ways I should, aha.

        Good luck with your commissions!


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