Real Ghost Adventure

Hello everybody, things are a little hectic over here and I’ve been feeling sick again. Hopefully it’s just the weather and not a return of Bad Days, but we’ll just have to wait and see! Ha!

For today’s post I will share with you My Real Ghost Adventure(TM), which I had on the USS Lexington down in Corpus Christi. It’s short, and not very exciting, and to me that makes me that much surer what happened was a Real Ghost Adventure(TM) and not just heat stroke. They don’t have air conditioner on that thing, you know. I came out looking like I’d just swum up out of the Gulf.

So I’m in the belly of the beast. I’ve left my sister behind for a bit, just outside the chamber I’m in. I think it’s the Captain’s cabin. It’s been a while. She’s not interested and she wants to take a break because we’re both soaked to the bone with sweat and gasping for breath from all the steep-angled stairs and humid airs.

I walk in and I see the dude.

Not young, but not quite middle aged. Kinda ugly (sorry, my dude), small eyes and big ears, a military-style buzz. That doesn’t really peak my interest or anything (in my city, you can’t throw a stick without it hitting a salon that specializes in military buzzes). Wearing very non-descript clothing, all the same drab color. Blue? Green? Maybe brown? He wasn’t a very stand-out sort of guy.

I immediately get a weird vibe off of him. I am but a young girl, all alone in the bows of a haunted-ass naval vessel. But he’s pretty friendly, and starts pointing out various displays, giving me background information. He tells me about the captain entertaining various celebrities and women, points out the pictures. Tells me about the couch.

I thank him and tell him I’m gonna go get my sister so he can tell her as well. He smiles, and walks toward the back, where the captain’s actual room is. I go get my sister and bring her in.

The dude is gone. He has up and fucking vanished. There’s no way he got out behind me. He’s just gone.

And that is my real ghost adventure.

2 thoughts on “Real Ghost Adventure

  1. Part of me always says of these stories ‘oh, that’s just a crew member who makes sure the guests have a good time and sneaks out a hidden entrance.’ But then I remember the night my dad took me to find a videogame arcade he remembered from 10 years before I was born. We didn’t find it and it was getting on toward 1am when we were headed home. We went down our city’s old ”mac mansion” street and saw a guy dressed to the nines… if it were 1850 and not the 1990s. He tipped his hat and bade us good evening and went down the street. Dad and I looked at each other like “did you see what just I saw.” We then looked around and the man was gone. There is no hedge cover from that street and the walkways are long to the doors of those ‘mac mansions.’ He could have gone up one of those walkways, but wouldn’t I have heard the click of his fine shoes on the dead quiet street?

    So, who am I to say? Perhaps he was returning from a summer costume party. Or perhaps ghosts do exist.


    1. Even if it was just some crew member, and nothing special at all, the fact that he told me all that stuff and then pulled a disappearing act that smooth was pretty special! It certainly gave me a story.

      Not to be rude (lol you’ve seen how bad my mouth is in other posts) but HOLY SHIT! That’s spooky! I must admit I do have a tendency to lean toward ‘it was a specter!!!’ before any more reasonable explanation, but that definitely sounds like a specter.


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