I Cannot Believe I Have To Make This Post In The Year Of Our Lord 2017

Barron, desperately wishing, like us all, that his father would shut his hatehole. After an hour at his father’s side during the RNC, Barron was ready to drop, much like I was at eleven when my dad talked for hours about politics.
This was originally going to be a Facebook post. But, considering the political make-up of my friends and family, given my geography, I decided that was probably really stupid. And since I’ve been working on the novel, I’ve been a bit scarce.
A brief warning for use of slurs (in describing what others have said) and my horrid potty mouth.
I keep promising horror, and maybe I’ve  failed to deliver. But the best horror is the horror that is close to home, and nothing is more horrifying, at least to the people living here, than the shitshow that is American Politics. I make pains not to discuss my politics in public venues, but my views are probably obvious to anyone who’s looked at anything I write.
A  figure like the Trump inspires either great admiration (I GUESS) or great dislike, and he has inspired all KINDS of dislike from my quarter.
But no matter how much vitriol you feel for a man, there’s limits. There’s gotta be lines you aren’t willing to cross. And for me, one of those lines is attacking people’s family members.
So you can imagine that I was mortified to hear that some of my liberal buddies are out there are talking shit about Barron Trump. Barron who, for the record, is a child who literally cannot help who his parents are (like all children, in case you weren’t aware) and is, from what I’ve seen, a well-behaved, highly intelligent young man. He seems very sweet and very quiet, and to pick on him, just because his daddy is president… man, that’s fucked up of y’all, shame, shame!
Thank God no one ever did that to Obama’s kids, y’know, the shit talking. Nobody ever said they dressed like ‘barroom floozies’ or made extremely inappropriate comments about their sexualities and bodies. You know, the bodies of two underage children. Nobody ever implied they weren’t really their father’s children or implied they were drug addicts. Nobody in my hearing ever called them the n-word or said they ought to be lynched with the rest of their family. People never did that!
Oh, wait, they totally did do that. They totally raked Sasha and Malia over the coals, just because they hated Barack Obama. Man, that’s pretty fucked. And it makes the anger conservative are expressing at Barron’s bullying look, from my perspective, pretty hilarious. If by hilarious you mean ‘a damning look at how double-standards in politics make normal people into monsters.’
This is not an endorsement of bullying Barron Trump. He is a child. If you go after him, you’re a rampaging fuck-up and I have nothing but contempt for you. But acting like this is some new thing, like people didn’t do this shit to the Obama girls even though they literally cannot help who their parents are? Come on. Irony ain’t dead yet, but not for a lack of trying.
Kids have always been used as weapons against their parents. Acting like it’s something only one side does is pointless and regressive. We ought to all agree that the children of prominent figures, who, need I say again, LITERALLY CANNOT HELP WHO THEIR PARENTS ARE, are off-limits, and shame those around us who would attack a child when they mean to attack an adult. Not sit here and pretend the side of the hall you sit on somehow makes you immune, while you point and screech at your foes across the aisle.
And lest I sound too reasonable with this, it is the year of our Lord and Savior 2017. The fact that sitting here and saying ‘picking on someone’s children because you dislike them is bad’ and am finding myself in the minority is fucking horseshit. Yeah, people say they don’t think kids should be picked on, and yet there they go, calling the Obama girls ghetto or Barron a spoiled retard.
To my liberal friends: leave Barron Trump alone. For the love of decency, he’s a child. Yeah, Republicans were vicious to the girls, but we’re supposed to be better than them. Where is our much-vaunted moral superiority? The goddamn toilet is where, if we’ve been reduced to taking potshots at an eleven-year-old boy.
To my conservative comrades: you’re right to be unhappy with attacks on Barron. It’s disgusting to be cruel to a child. Just acknowledge that, while Sasha and Malia were getting called racial slurs and sluts, you were silent. Just acknowledge that, and think about how the fit you’re throwing now makes you seem.
I usually post links in articles like this, but I’ll be fucked if I’m giving news sites that insult and harass children any traffic. If y’all distrust me, look it up yourselves.

2 thoughts on “I Cannot Believe I Have To Make This Post In The Year Of Our Lord 2017

  1. THANK YOU for being a voice of reason! I am so very sick and tired of both major political parties spewing crap about the other and then turning around and pretending like they’re saints and they’ve never done anything evil, underhanded, or even questionable themselves.

    I too can remember hearing of people saying horrid things about Obama’s children. After the pure rage of the last bitter election, it doesn’t surprise me people are talking shit about Trump’s kid. All people who want to talk shit about public figure’s kids should stop and REALLY consider how they would feel if it was their child being talked about and used in such a way! That’s all it takes folks, put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a moment and look through their eyes as best you can and it will guide you to understand and often to the right action(s). Or, in other words, treat others as you’d like to be treated; just like they teach in kindergarden. If you got rage to work out after, take a walk, play some videogames, paint some happy trees, whatever; just don’t fly into a rage that drives you to destroy your fellows, the creatures you share this world with, or the world itself.

    If we Americans are to pull our country out of this mess, we need to stop being childish fools and rise above our base instincts. Even if you don’t like someone doesn’t mean you treat them as if they’re subhuman! It’s called tolerance. It’s the vital cog that allows a country as vast in miles and filled with so many different cultures and ideas and religions and ways of life to function. Without it, We. Are. Screwed.


    1. I’m glad you agree. It does make me feel a lot better than my facebook feed did when I wrote this. I had a genuine fear that I would start a huge fight if I said anything like this, with everyone. Even if they weren’t sniping at me, if they were attacking each other in the comments… I don’t need to be the start of that kind of negativity. That I was that leery of it shows the bad state of affairs when the piece was published. I’m sure that if I said it now, people might not take it so personally.

      Then again, I haven’t been on my personal Facebook in months. I’m sure one look at the feed would disavow me of that kind of optimism…


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