Lázarita illustration + Health Update


Love Is Mutual Distortion, or ‘You bit me, I can’t believe you bit me!’ ‘Well excuse the hell out of me, but your big honking hand is in my mouth, what the fuck did you expect, I’m a goddamn vampire.’


The “official” splash art for the upcoming erotica series, Lázarita, which, because I’m turning out to be a real one-trick pony, is about vampires. Spooky vampires called Lázaros, after the biblical story of the poor man and the rich man. Don’t let righty’s winning smile and lipstick-covered mouth fool you, he’s got his maldición just as surely as the girl on the right.

Painting is mindless busy work for me; the creative part is gone, and now it’s time for the fiddly, analytical part. It’s good to do at times like this when I have trouble accessing the creative parts of my brain due to pain fog. For the curious, an update on my health:

Inexplicable joint pain: here
Equally inexplicable tissue aches: the above’s plus-one
Migraines: increasing in frequency and severity
Outline for novel: begging for massive rewrites and receiving nothing
Publishing plan for Dark Skies: causing anxiety attacks

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