Inktober 2k17 Gallery

Now that Inktober is well and truly over, it’s time for me to post the gallery! I didn’t make the full 31 illustrations, but that’s okay, there’s always next year. This was a good year for inspiration, and rather than feeling stressed or worn out by it, I feel refreshed and ready for NaNoWriMo!

I put them in order, even ones I had already posted, so I could track my improvement. I think it’s significant.

inktober 01
inktober 02
Dorothy Brightwater
Inktober 03-1
Integra Hellsing, 12 Year Old Murderer
inktober 04
Turn of the Century Witch
inktober 09
El Paseo Mas Agradable de Señora Catrina
inktober 10
Tree Lover
inktober 11
inktober 12
Divine Ink
inktober 13 - milata wells is a hot hot bitch
Milata Wells; my werewolf character, with some symbols for lesbian romance hidden on her outfit.
inktober 14
The Cost of Night
inktober 15
Frog Lullaby
inktober 16
A Burdensome Frog. Your guess is as good as mine for what’s going on in this and the previous picture, I just drew what came to mind.
inktober 17
I’m Trying To Get Better But It’s So Hard
inktober 18
Glitterpuke/Bloodtears; I’m still trying to get a version of this idea that I like…
inktober 19
Bloomers; did you know that in some old-timey underpants your whole ass just hangs out????
inktober 20 - A reasonable dog man
A Reasonable Dog-Man and an Unreasonable Trucker JoJo’s Posing
inktober 21 IT'S YA BOI MITRU
Mitru’s Tithe
inktober 22
Wonders of the Deep
inktober 23 - Matriarch
inktober 24
Golden and Divine
inktober 25
Ghost of an Unreasonable Trucker
inktober 26
Frankenstein Poster, or, I Haven’t Forgotten That Remake
inktober 27
They Say That Boy Victor Is A Crazy Piece of Work
inktober 28
Introductions; somehow the creature came out dreadfully small, for which I am sorry.


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