Art, New Twitter, More!

Presenting ‘Adelaide,’ after Alphonse Mucha’s ‘Autumn,’ done in 1896. Since Addie is an Autumn Sidhe, I thought that was the most appropriate piece to base her off of. There are other symbols throughout, but hey, if you wanna know more, you should probably just go listen to ‘Yours to Keep,’ the game she’s in, at this link here!

I also made a more personal, less professional twitter, @DeeOvertoun, which you can find here. I’ll be posting a lot more art, sketches, and other miscs there. That’s right people, NON-STOP STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS FROM DEE. Just what you’ve always wanted, I’m sure.

I’m thinking about starting a Patreon. I don’t know what I’d put there. I don’t even begin to know how Patreon tiers work, I don’t have the disposable income to be a Patron. But maybe with a Patreon, I could one day have that disposable income. The creators of ‘Yours To Keep,’ also known as my roommates, both suggested it. I don’t know. But I do know that starting out is usually the hardest part for me. Anxiety is like that.

I have some more non-personal pieces to get done, but after that, I think I’ll do a nice illustration of That Boy Radu Cel Frumos. His article is super popular. I’d actually like to thank anyone who’s read it and helped this website grow because of it. I’m really glad people like it, and more than that, I’m glad people are learning about Dracula’s not-as-good-at-war-but-WAY-better-at-politics little brother, one of my favorite historical figures.

P.S.: I just checked the preview for the meta description and it’s focussing on Addie’s breasts and tummy. I guess they know what they’re here for….

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