Get Hype for “Orchid Mantis: Wolf-Charmer”!

Wolf-Charmer cover for twitter

What will Gav do when conflict peels layers back and lets him see bits of Cho that aren’t as appealing as the carefree acceptance and the big butt? It’s not like she actively lied… not like he doesn’t have his own secrets…

But at least his secrets aren’t banging on his door all hours of the night, howling for vengeance.

The sequel to “Night-Worlders,” “Wolf-Charmer” is live! It’s available here, with a nice hi-res cover and everything! Sorry about this small boy, but if you don’t have a real good computer and you try to load the full image, your computer will explode and die. Photo manipulations are like that.

The story settles the dust shaken up by the first book and opens the gate for more stories, so I’m very pleased with it.

It’s a bit longer at 32k words, but, well, it happens. The two pieces fit together very well! The next book should be a lot quieter in tone, though, if I can help it, not necessarily lighter.

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