[sketch] V20: Dark Ages/Transylvania Chronicles NPCs

“Well, I should do some art for the Vampire the Masquerade game me and Mo from ‘Duets With Dice‘ are doing together. I wonder who I should do? The main character? Their sire? What should I draw to best establish the chronicle, its tone, its mood?”

“Oh, I know! Supporting NPCs!”

Lady Bogdana

The unassuming Lady Bogdana Mirceasca, beloved (poor girl) childe of Voivode Mircea Dzardescu. She drowns in her clothes and is loathe to speak above a whisper. She is accompanying Aethal, Mo’s character, on her Task, the establishing incident of the module.Xandru Mirceascu

Xandru Mirceascu, Bogdana’s ‘shadow’ and fellow childe of Dzardescu. He’s a man of many weapons and very few words. For now, that’s all about all there is to say about him.

Lady Alina Bratovitch character study

Knez Alina Bratovitch, who rules the county in which the city of Brasov is located. She’s a real bad bitch. I’m dreading the actual work I’ll have to do for this campaign because of her clothes. All that embroidery… every piece of cloth on this woman should be covered in intricate symbols and patterns.

Bogdana and Xandru art notes

Finally, some notes for my own edification on Bogdana and Xandru. The writing desk Bogdana writes her letters from in the wagons characters spend so much time in during this chronicle, her tiny little hand. The way she ties those huge Romanian sleeves out of the way while she’s doing anything physical. And her and Xandru trying to cope with Voivode Mircea Dzardescu As A Concept.


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