Aethal Blumenkronz

Aethal Portrait - Pre-Agoge

Told you I was working on a big piece.

The player character for the Vampire the Masquerade Dark Ages game, as promised in the previous post. Clan Ventrue, early Transylvanian Saxon (not that she calls herself that), and absolutely relentless seducer of comely maids.

How to refer to Aethal in-game and in my out-of-game materials is a bit of a challenge, medieval gender politics being what they are. The most appropriate pronoun feels like ‘they,’ but such vocabulary doesn’t exist in the time period. There is no option other than ‘she’ or ‘he.’ Aethal would have gotten sent to a convent in her living days, if her father hadn’t realized what a disaster sending his daughter to an isolated monastery full of girls would be.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on who you ask), their family was owned by a pagan ancestor who believed Aethal’s non-conformity was a sign of holiness, a blessing which Germans, in their Christian decadence, had forgotten. So she was allowed to get away with it as he trained her up for the Embrace. Her sire, Vilburgh according to the modern Germans, took his family to Transylvania not only as part of Vampire Nonsense, but also because pagan ways are still strong there and the people resist White Christ in favor of the old ways. Aethal was born in Transylvania and does not speak German. She considers herself a native Transylvanian son.

She dresses as a man. Her twin brother refers to her as his brother, and cannot bring himself to call her a woman, the word that was so often an insult and instrument of bondage during their life. She doesn’t correct people when they assume her to be male. She enjoys manly pursuits, like swordsmanship, poetry, leadership, and seducing girls. If she can complete her near-impossible task of building what will become Dracula’s Castle in Borgo Pass, she’ll be Prince of Brasov, the city she was born in.

I wish you the best, little Ventrue. But  I promise the worst.

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