Fear and Loathing ’77: The Final Episode

Fear and Loathing Final Episode

Duets With Dice has just dropped the final episode of ‘Fear and Loathing ‘ 77.’ Go watch it, do it now! Good job, Mo and Austin!

Clan Gangrel represent. I adore Margot. And though, according to this art at least, she lost her vest, her belt, and at least half the fabric of her jeans on the journey here, she hasn’t lost what counts: her bad bitch attitude.

Or the agg claws. Musn’t forget the agg claws…

I feel very pleased with the improvement in my art I’ve noticed since I started doing art for Duets, best exemplified by the difference between this piece and the first one, which you can see here.¬†Also, have I not posted since the announcement of the first video? Jesus.

Well, with the completion of the ‘Yours to Keep’ art and the collation of a bunch of other projects, I should have plenty of content to start uploading. And the layout’s owed a cleanup… and the directories need updating……

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