[art] Unnamed Girls

I’m trying out the new editor for this post! I like the looks of it a lot.

These are examples of the style of piece I’ve been doing lately. I hope you like it!

A brightly-colored image of a girl with characterstics of a feathered dinosaur. Her legs are covered in downy white feathers and her feet are clawed. She has crimson feathers on her arms, neck, and decorating a long tail. She looks grouchily off to the side.
Original concept for dinosaur girl.
Two girls stand side-by-side. One is a very small girl with feathers and wings like a feathered dinosaur. The other has glass-like limbs and hair. Their clothes match each other and both are wearing flowers in their hair. They smile at each other.
A size comparison between the dinosaur girl and the glass girl to show how small dino girl is.

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