[art] Valor Academy’s Ethan

So I’m definitely biased, because Mo created Ethan Velez, a supporting NPC for SurpriseRoundRpg’s Masks game. My neurotic boy. Being a superhero isn’t all it’s cracked up to be… especially not when you’re such a weirdo nobody takes you seriously.

I also have this very cute, simple Ethan I did back, in contrast to cool Ethan. Or as cool as Ethan gets…

“Hello! Did you know I’ve had at least one broken bone since I was ten? Was that weird to share? Oh Gooooodddddd”

2 thoughts on “[art] Valor Academy’s Ethan

  1. Aww, cute nerdy guy. 🙂 If I weren’t taken, ‘I’d fuck em.’ (That’s the offical wording many of the guys I know use when speaking highly of the hotness of a lady.)

    Feel like we could probably sit down and have a detailed conversation about how much it sucks to be fragile. (Hopefully it’s just his superhero cover or his powers cure it. I know Captain America super soldier serum is literally my ultimate dream, even just the health benefits part.)

    …is that weird to share? We could talk about that too.


    1. Until guys as a whole can agree to stop using ‘I would fuck that’ as the highest compliment they can pay an attractive woman (as opposed to, IDK, ‘you’re beautiful’), I think women should be allowed to be just as plain with their thoughts.

      Ethan is still in high school, but when the game ends I do want to do a piece of all the important characters as adult superheroes. Especially Ethan, because he is my Favorite, and because I can just ask the person who made him what they think he’d look like, ha ha.

      His superpower is copying–he can copy the power of anybody he sees, and use it once before he has to copy it again. It’s highly useful, but doesn’t make him any less vulnerable to being thrown through walls. Or having his head bounced off the concrete. Or getting stabbed… our boy has been through the wringer, but if anyone seems worried, he’s quick to tell them that “that’s just life when you’re a public defender.” A good diet and advanced medicine keep him functional.

      Honestly at this point in the game’s story, Ethan would be so glad somebody was talking to him earnestly, and not just to make fun of him, that you could talk about pretty much anything and he’d be happy. That’s my understanding of the character, at least. A Captain America super soldier serum is probably HIS ultimate dream as well. Imagine copying super strength… while you’re already super strong. And the idea that he can get a car thrown at him WITHOUT having to spend time in the hospital? Stellar.

      It occurs, five paragraphs in, that I could have just as easily linked you to the games to learn all this… which I will! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/321075143?collection=0tHrrvZyXBUeWQ is the very first episode. Not to be a shill but pretty much all of their stuff is great, and I only say ‘pretty much’ because there’s so much of it I haven’t gotten to listen to. Tune in! Tell your friends! Et all.


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