[fanArt] Pomegranate, pt 1

Shigaraki Yoichi spitting All For One’s tainted promises back in his face. Who doesn’t love pomegranate symbolism?

In other news I broke my promise to never do Boku No Hero Academia fanart. But to be fair. Boku Good. So even though I’m a parody of myself, it’s still okay.

I love the dynamic between All For One and his younger brother. I love that Yoichi, who had every reason to simply buckle under the pressure and be exactly what his brother wanted, never wavered in his principles and continues to be a source of strength for those who oppose him. I love how All For One had a hissy fit and threw his brother into a vault for not being cooperative and then had the gall to act like he was being wronged when Yoichi went on a hunger strike. I love that All For One still adores his brother in a twisted, poisonous way. I love that my literal favorite character in the series didn’t have a name until like a month ago. It’s all good here in weeb land.

hey Horikoshi let’s talk about how Yoichi’s color scheme is REAL HARD to work with…

6 thoughts on “[fanArt] Pomegranate, pt 1

    1. So I’ve actually read this a couple of times at this point! Thank you so much for linking this, I love it. I especially loved the detail of AFO consistently cursing and every time Yoichi did, him going “hey stop that.” He Learned It Watching You, AFO!!! Poor Yoichi. I also have the headcanon that Yoichi struggled with the futility of his recovery and spoke frequently of allowing himself to die; the phrase “nothing will help, so just save your money for my funeral” is the focal point of that idea. And of course AFO would never allow that. Sometimes your brother is very dramatic and you just hafta take it one day at a time. Find him a place to calm down. A bedroom. Or a vault, perhaps?


  1. I adore this oh my gooooooood. I may even write something based on this. I’m looking through all the details in this and I just /chef’s kiss/. The pomegranate and blood mixing, the push away, and how it looks like he forced him to eat it and he spit it out? god tier.


    1. If you do end up writing something, I am not only BEGGING, but also /PLEADING/ with you to link me to it (if you’re comfortable).

      I’m glad the details are catching you. I’m particularly partial to the defensive wounds on AFO’s fingers. Thank you so much for commenting, Bo, it means the world to me.


      1. No, unfortunately, I don’t. If you’re uncomfortable posting a public link, there’s a contact form, elsewise I’m reachable on Twitter through my DMs there. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience, an AO3 account is something I always say “yeah I should probably get one of those” and promptly forget about.


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