Orchid Mantis


Gavin Stazis, a reluctant monster with the best of intentions and extremely questionable judgment, attempts to navigate a dark world full of monsters, and his own fractured identity and sexuality, guided by Cho-rong Park, who is most certainly monstrous and never reluctant. She claims she loves him, but then, Cho is an orchid mantis, a mimic, and someone as lonely as Gav might see anything they wanted reflected in her petals.

An erotic horror series.

Published Work

Orchid Mantis: Night-Worlders, the first novella. Gav just wants steak and sex in San Antonio, but Cho’s monstrous past is just as actively haunting as his, and hers has teeth.
Orchid Mantis: Wolf-Charmer, the direct sequel. Still picking the teeth of Cho’s past out of his shoulder, Gav wonders if he really knows Cho at all, and if her love is even real.

Shorts, Development, and Excerpts

[Erotica] Orchid Mantis (M/F), the short story that started it all. Secret Gav and Cho lore!
What Do These Losers Even Look Like? Now you know! Development notes.
Excerpt from Orchid Mantis 3, which continues to languish in development Hell. Gav Terrorizes Local Vampires. Spoilers for ‘Wolf-Charmer.’