Dark Skies Over Brightwater

My debut novel, Dark Skies Over Brightwater is a paranormal romance focussing on Dorothy Brightwater, of the Cornish village Brightwater, and the denizens of the night she attracts and is attracted to. It’s also about how having a terrible family leads to the predation of vulnerable young girls, how loneliness makes you crazy, and how being on the fringes, always an outcast, can either turn you mad or make you strong.

Returning to Cornwall from boarding school is supposed to give Dorothy a chance to relax and forget, at least for a little while, the bleak future awaiting her. However, she finds once-sleepy Brightwater being rocked by troubles the likes of which neither medicine nor the investigation of her best friend Mordred can explain. Not even the once-aristocratic Brightwaters themselves are safe.

Dorothy’s home provides no shelter, for lurking there is the man who may be at the center of all the recent troubles: the handsome, ominously reclusive vampire Halim. They have an immediate, tantalizing connection, but Halim’s dedication to honesty terrifies Dorothy more than it comforts her.

Swamped by danger from every angle, Dorothy’s fight to make her own way could lead to safety and bliss with Mordred… or drown them all in the horrors of the night and its starving denizens.

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Excerpt from “Dark Skies Over Brightwater”

Themes of ‘Dark Skies Over Brightwater’

Dark Skies has been floating around for quite some time. It was a defiance of everything I’d sworn to myself at thirteen I wouldn’t become; back then, little Edgey McToo-edge Dee swore they would never become a romance author, and if they had to do that, that they would never write vampire romance.

Well, here it is: vampire romance as my debut novel. In my defence, my thirteen-year-old self didn’t know what was what, and Dark Skies was a lot of fun to write and conceive. I’m looking forward to expanding the series.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!