Orchid Mantis


How is it those old movie announcements go? “In a world…” In a world where the shadows are darker and teem with life, where the difference between a person and a monster is a¬†matter of semantics, Gavin Statzis straddles the line, clinging to humanity by the delicate chain of his cross. Cho-rong Park, on the other hand, would be just as happy to bring him spiraling into the shadows with her, where she and others like her know he belongs…

Well, yes, that’s all true, but it’s a little grim, isn’t it? So let’s try… in a world where fantastic creatures live only barely out of sight, a world of magic and wonder, evil-punishing mimic Cho-rong Park teaches a reluctant monster see the beauty of his existence. The real monsters are the humans who taught Gav to be ashamed of his real self…

I guess that’s true, too, but the tone is all wrong. So which one fits better?

Fact of the matter is, both run together, bleeding over their edges, twisting together into one truth. Horror, sex, and identity collide as Gavin Statzis and Cho-rong Park protect their domain and squabble over what it means to be a monster and what it means to be a person.

And, I mean, more to the point, they fuck. Like, a lot. It’s that kind of book series.

It’s a project with a lot of my fingerprints all over it. Here: a directory of all the material relating to the “Orchid Mantis” series on this site.

[Erotica] Orchid Mantis (M/F)
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