When Suddenly, Nothing.

The dog has been digging. He tracked in the evidence last night, mud and grass caked under his claws. It was too dark to see anything, though, even with the back lights turned on, so I waited. No excuse now. The sun is high, the light is bright, and if this fathead gets out and […]

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The Butcher’s Duty

“Never forget what you do. Never forget that when you stand on the border of life and death, on the border of animal and meat, you have a duty. Have a duty. Damn, that always was Big Cass’s favorite phrase.”

Another thing that didn’t make it to bogleech’s cook-off. The struggle of writing a butcher character that could be sympathetic, even to those who don’t believe in meat, gave rise to something far different from what I originally intended. Heredity, rules, and, of course, duty, are the themes of this horror piece. WARNING: it’s about a slaughterhouse, so animal death, slaughter, and loads of gore await.

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