Christian and Mary

It’s a story about the ghosts of what was done and the lingering death of those turned on by their community. It’s also smut. I am a perpetual motion machine of Southern angst and pornography. 18+, naturally, and a special warning for depictions of racist and homophobic violence. If either of those topics is sensitive, […]

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[Orchid Mantis] Out In The Hills

The babies return! Questions are answered, new questions are raised, and more of the weird supernatural world Gavin and Cho live in is revealed. The first installment is here; if you don’t read it, this isn’t gonna make a whole lot of sense. Out In The Hills Male/Female, 18+ Gavin and Cho go out of […]

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[Erotica] Orchid Mantis (M/F)

It’s pornography, don’t read this at work or in front of Nana. Unless you’ve got a cool Nana.

[Erotica] Orchid Mantis (M/F); Gav and Cho discover each other’s terrible secrets… in bed.

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