The Official (tee-em) website of Dion Overtoun, horror and erotica author, hobby artist, and professional Weird Facts Dispensary. You can call me Dee for short, if you like.

I could tell you that I’m a studied author of gothic fiction and the traditions thereof, that I’m a scholar of horror in all its forms but especially in the form of creature design, that I’m a crafter of quality erotica that explores character depth and interaction as deeply as it does orifices. Or, I could tell you I like spooky shit and monsters, and that I write nasty porn. Both are completely true. Tell your friends and/or sponsors whichever one will make them want to feature me on their blog/in their zine/talk to me, hint hint.


Hey! Check it out! Now you can buy my debut novel, Dark Skies Over Brightwater!

It’s funny, it’s frightful, and yes, it’s definitely filthy! Check it out!