Written Work

Here is an archive of my written work, from articles to short stories to, most frightfully of all, my own personal opinions.

All of my pieces (aside from published work) can be found on my blog, including personal updates that aren’t listed here! However, if you’d like direct links to my works without having to scroll through, this page is the place.

Orchid Mantis

I Would Marry This Bat If I Could
If I Have To Read About Bonobo Sex One More Time I Swear I Will Die.
“Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay to mould me Man?”
Porphyria’s Lover
Five Reasons Alien: Covenant Is Bad And Should Feel Bad
Radu cel Frumos: The Queer Brother Nobody Cares Dracula Had

Never Ending Roadtrip
The Butcher’s Duty
When Suddenly, Nothing.
The Vault of the Little Creatures
A Large Baby Bird
Texas Agriculture Facts
Cordelia’s Portion
Christian and Mary
Personal Horror Story Time!
Dinner with Papa
The Pursuit of Sol By Skoll
At A Gas Station At 3 AM
Mountain Road
The Swamp and the Stone Wall

Read Your Outline To Someone Now
I Cannot Believe I Have To Make This Post In The Year Of Our Lord 2017