Written Work

All of my works can be found on my blog, including personal updates that aren’t listed here! However, if you’d like direct links to my works without having to scroll through, this page is the place.

In my opinion, of course.
Pink, a disaster-myth about mounting pressure and motherhood in the final days of Pompeii.
The Butcher’s Duty, a short story about Bonny Joy Cook, her family, and the slaughterhouse it all revolves around. Southern Gothic morality play from the perspective of a butcher.
Five Reasons Alien: Covenant Is Bad And Should Feel Bad, because my opinion is important and you should all care about it. Lifelong ‘Alien’ fan Dee goes the fuck off.
[18+] Christian and Mary, horror erotica about a girl and a ghost and a haunted house. I was real-life asked why I included excessive lesbianism so I consider this story a milestone.

Orchid Mantis, an erotic horror series.
Choke-Collared, a dark gaslamp fantasy/romance series.
Aspen and Friends, an in-development universe.

SHORTS, so many they get their own formatting!

I Would Marry This Bat If I Could
If I Have To Read About Bonobo Sex One More Time I Swear I Will Die.
Porphyria’s Lover
RE2 Monsters Rated On Hotness (By Someone Who Has Never Played The Game)
Thinking Back On ‘The Shadow Over Innsmouth’
HBO’S ‘Chernobyl;’ Initial Impressions