Personal Update!

I’ve finally, after weeks and weeks of false starts and piddling about, gotten meaningful work done on my second novel!!! Jesus!!! Hopefully this one comes out just as fast as the first, or maybe faster, since I’ve had such a long time to think on it.

Also, I’m going to work on being a better follower on WordPress. I was pretty shy about likes and what not, but that’s silly. Just shyness about getting onto a new platform. I’m going to work on being much better, though, to show how much I appreciate the follows and the hard work that goes into every piece on here.

The internet at my house has been weird lately. Changing of the seasons, all the Overwatch my roommates are playing, I don’t know. It should give me more time to work on what I should be working on.

Anticipate the first section of an erotica series some time in the future! It’s pretty nasty, I hope y’all like that sort of thing.

And that’s what I’ve been doing.

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