Introducing: Nynive Walker

There are witches all over the place, in all walks of life. Some are pleasant, New Age-y types, crystals and sigils and positive thinking; some are folksy, plants and medicine and animals; some talk to spirits, some talk to ghosts, some spend most of their time talking to people. And some are nightmare women who live in the woods, steal babies, and perform blood magic. Nynive’s mother, along with the rest of her coven, was that last type. Nynive herself is far less destructive, more interested in looking after people than laying curses, more interested in healing trauma than taking it out on the world that instilled it.

This is definitely for the better, because Nynive is not a human being, but a Nephilim, a giant among men, and if she wanted to hurt people, it would be pretty damn hard to stop her.

Her other parent is a fallen Watcher, who, according to folklore, is a divine agent of God that fell due to Its lustful desire for humanity. Nynive’s parent doesn’t talk about God or anything like that, but of the Emanation, and Pleroma, and of Its choice to accept the loss of Its Eyes, Its Haloes, Its Wings, Its burning Sword, so that it could exist here in the phenomenal world among imperfect and beautiful humanity. It seems to have no opinion one way or the other on the atrocities performed by the coven that came into contact with It, but It definitely loves Nynive.

Aspen and Nynive have been friends, as much as the could be, since they were around nine. Nynive’s coven even had plans to murder Sylas and steal his daughter to make one of their initiates. The coven is made up of disenfranchised women, collected by the frighteningly powerful Mother Superior, who had nowhere to go but a dangerous cult in the woods. Mother Superior, quite frankly, cares more about amassing power and followers than actually helping any of these women. She trains them to turn their legitimate anger and pain into weapons that she can use to her own ends.

Spurred on by this truth and horror at what the witches were doing to innocent people, Nynive recently committed the worst crime imaginable: she snitched. She went to the cops and she snitched and got most of the coven arrested. Right now, she lives with her aunt, Orlena Walker, and her family. After a lifetime in a cult out in the woods, Nynive has a lot to learn about being a normal human being–or the facsimile of one, at least. It’s extremely difficult going, as Nynive attempts to overcome her complete lack of socialization and the alienation that comes with not just being a different species, but an entirely different class of being than most of the people around her.

She likes Friday a lot. Her and Aspen’s relationship is a little rockier recently, but she still loves her friend and wants the best for her. Her name is pronounced like ‘Nineveh,’ the Biblical city; it’s a theme in her family, with her aunt Orlena and mother, Verona.

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