Elements of HArMoNY


Famously used as a lighter than air gas in the Hindenburg, it is even more famous for being highly explosive.
Everything was flaming, I couldn’t find my way out–I knew that I was going down with the dirigible, but there are instincts too great, too ancient, to be denied. As we lost altitude faster and faster, my feet left the grating, and I floated there, angel in the flames, wings of combustion, and though the fire drank all my oxygen and I found soon that I was suffocating, for a moment, the euphoria of weightlessness made me forget the ground.

It is up to twice as abundant in the atmosphere than water vapor. It and other noble gasses are so named for their refusal to react to other elements.
Somehow, the heat made even wind feel sluggish and lazy. So heavy. I trudged through the swamp and wished I could be an alligator. Graceful and sublime in the theater of murky water. With such smooth, effortless motions, the barest undulations of the thick tail enough to propel them forward. Such was not for me. I was forced to drag myself through ponderous, weighty air. The atmosphere was a prison. Movement was so slow… and the scorching air felt like it would split my lungs with its mass. The water looked more and more appealing…

Most of its production is for use in the production of strong steel alloys, and it does not occur in nature as a free metal.
No use. These bars… they must be reinforced. Ugh! I knew it was a trap. God, how could I not? I had no choice but to continue. I brought out my high-powered torch and cut through the protective bars, knowing the heat had triggered a silent alarm. No use trying to escape. I dumped the diamonds in front of me and ran my hands through them, admiring their strength, their beauty. Earth and dust undying. Lead projectiles ripped through me, splashing them ruby red, but diamond is diamond. If only I could have been as strong as them. Damn the rest of the Thieves’ Guild for leaving me to die this way.

Though it is commonly used in medical technology and electronics, exposure can cause lung cancer in humans.
I’ve spent my whole life helping others, you know. I volunteered in high school, threw myself into med school, all with the hope that I could somehow make the world better than it was when I got here. I suppose if there is a God, He loves irony, because they just came out with news that the wonder machine I was one of the first to learn to use, was one of the evangelizers for… it’s even more deadly than the disease it cures. How many people are dead because of me? I thought–I thought–I wanted to help–but now they’re all dead! All because of me… and I just got my test results back. I’ll be fine. Outside exposure isn’t as deadly. So I can’t even die like them. If I could, there might be some comfort….

via Daily Prompt: Harmony

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