[art] Valor Academy Player Characters

As promised! All the player characters from Suprise Round RPG’s Valor Academy game! All the pieces have been given to their respective players so I feel comfortable posting them here. And they’re all together! A team! As is right and proper!

Valor Academy is run on Magpie RPG’s ‘Masks: A New Generation” system. It’s an adaptation of the Apocalypse Engine made specifically for teenage superhero drama, and though the first time I played it I didn’t really get some of the mechanics and how they served the story, I can comfortably say it’s one of the best systems out there as far as design goes. It knows exactly what it wants to do and be, and the mechanics serve to drive the themes home. It tells the type of story it wants to tell very, very well. Good game!

I’m very pleased with these because I can track a LOT of improvement over the span of the images. I arranged them in order completed. Please open at least the last two in full view, since the gallery compressed them pretty small.

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