style Experiments with Aspen and Buds

I did some experiments with shapes, textures, and effects that uuuuuh they got out of hand. Aspen was simple because what I wanted to show with her was very simple; her eyes, tears, and hair having the same texture because they’re the same dark substance, the Hush. Everyone else…. man, they just kept going.

From top left on: Aspen, Friday, Nynive, and introducing Amaryllis. Aspen is as you know her, a little trauma possum, Friday a sweet-natured alien, Nynive a half-angel witch. Amaryllis is the scion of a line of wizards attempting to help an eldritch intelligence attain anti-Gnosis by giving it so many human experiences it becomes material. The gestalt intelligence of its many lives looks on through her, hence her many-pupiled eye.

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