Quick scenes with Aspen and even *more* buds

Warm-ups between bigger pieces that I ended up liking a lot.

Aspen shows off her gross goo powers to two Brood Four drones, younger siblings of Friday. Two of Six, the one with lower hair, as usual is utterly smitten with everything Aspen does, and Five of Six is wowed by her display of power. Humans come with goo powers!? Wow! Then again, considering Aspen is the only non-Faculty human they’ve ever met, pretty much anything she did would impress them.

Second, introducing Dr Sati Chandraputra, Head of Psychology, doing a little venting of her own to Deucalion. How much longer can she keep engaging with this unethical project? How much longer can she protect the drones from her fellow researchers? How much longer can she keep lying to her wife? Deucalion’s answers would only upset her, so he sits and listens to the only human being he considers an ally.

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