Sketch: Herzog’s Nosferatu

yo bro i heard u liek shojo roses

It’s no surprise that Nosferatu is my favorite vampire, right? I drew this while I was vending at an anime convention in August (thus the shojo manga roses in the background), but only now realized I hadn’t posted it anywhere. Nosferatu was modeled after Klaus Kinski’s portrayal of Dracula in the Werner Herzog film.

I’m interested in turning this into a full-color print. But first I have to gussy up the nuts to paint all those roses…

Additionally: I got my hard-drive back! A long process of data recovering and corruption later and I have learned only one thing: For Christ’s Sake, Dee, Back Up Your Data. Nothing else to announce on the personal front; writing is still just busy work instead of fun editting work.

One thought on “Sketch: Herzog’s Nosferatu

  1. Lovely:) (What I can see, anyway. These new fangled touch screen phones aren’t easy on my eyes and seem to wash out line drawings a bit no matter how I adjust the screen.)

    Hard drive crashes suck. I had to recover data from a corrupted windows server once at a job. I found out as long as the person had even a bit of organization and tossed all their stuff in folders AND the hard drive didn’t break physically, all the important files can be recovered using Puppy Linux from a flash drive loaded directly to the RAM and then mounting the internal hard drive once in puppy and finding the right file names to pull and copy to a separate flash drive. Easy once you’ve done it once. Fucking sucks trying to learn all that stuff when you didn’t learn jack about computers beyond turning them on and surfing the web and opening a word processor in school.

    *Smacks forehead* I also just now realized, from looking at your drawing, what the artists who did Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain must have been studying when designing Vorador. (If you’ve never played the LoK series, do so. It’s some of the best writing ever done for videogames with THE best voice acting. A real art piece.)

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