NEW NOVELLA! ‘Night-Worlders,’ the continuing (published) adventures of Gav and Cho!

Night-Worlders for twitter

I can acknowledge that, for further ventures, I should probably create a slightly smaller image… but for now! The cover! Handcrafted in Texas, USA by your very own Dion Overtoun! What does it cover?

My new book, Night-Worlders, available on Amazon right now!


It stars Gavin Statzis (of staunch morals and highly questionable judgment) and Beloved Local Maneater Cho-rong Park, celebrating the one-year anniversary of their relationship. Gav knows what he wants out of it: fancy steak and sex in an equally fancy hotel. The present is just the crashing grounds of what came before, though, and who knows what monsters lurk in the shadowy deeds of both monster’s bloody pasts?

What else is there to say? It’s horror porn and it’s $2.99 on Amazon. It’s 26k words. Buy it, you’ll like it!

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